What is “Suduction”?

We’ve started a new term for pick up artists recently, “Suduction”? So what is it? Suduction is the use of covert and underground seduction techniques mixed with hypnotic and subliminal “weasel phrases”. If you’ve never heard of weasel phrases, they are words that when said together have a word or phrase audible in the middle (a hidden word) that your concious mind doesn’t hear (but penetrates right through to your subconcious mind). Here’s an example: The words loose exchange don’t seem very special, do they? However say them out load a couple of times. You should her the word “sex” in the middle quite clearly, now that you know about it.

Similar to a magic trick, you can easily notice the word once you know the secret, however if you were to say these words to someone who doesn’t know the secret, they’d never know (but their subconcious mind would instantly pick up on it.) – And that is profoundly powerful for hypnotic suggestion. You can litterally force a girl to think about sex with you, get turned on, trust you, etc. And the best part is – it’s all without the use of long winded NLP speeches (most of which sound ridiculous and you’d never want to recite to a woman!).


Suduction is the use of these hypnotic (mind control) methods in conjunction with pickup artist type seduction techniques. Basically, you learn how to weave weasel phrases (also known as embedded commands) into your pickup game.

If you’re looking to learn hypnotic, mind control that you can use on anyone (your boss, friends, business associates), I would highly reccomend this site. If you’d like to truly be a master of suduction, you should use the information from the previous site with our program of underground seduction.