How to tell if a girl likes you

How to tell if a girl likes you

Lots of you may be out at the clubs, at parties or just hanging out with your friends when you have that wonder about the girl across the room. You think that she likes you, but you’re not quite sure. Well, here are some of the most important signs that will show you how to tell if a girl likes you, and you’ll never worry about whether or not you should approach her, up the flirting or go in for the kiss.

Firstly, is eye contact. This doesn’t simply mean “Is she looking at you?”, as she could just be looking around the room. Maybe she’s waiting for her friend to come back from the bathroom, or waiting to meet her boyfriend at the bar. What you need to see is that she’s looking at you a lot, especially when you’re not looking at her (or at least she thinks you‘re not). Get her in your peripheral vision and observe her. If she only looks at you when you’re looking at her, she’s not into you. She could be thinking “Who‘s that creep that keeps looking over here?”. However if you notice her looking at you while she’s talking with her friends and you’re looking at something else, chances are she’s checking you out.

When you do look at her, you should see her look down when she looks away from you. This is important. Although some girls will, when attracted to a guy, look to the side when they look away, most girls subconsciously look down when they’re breaking eye contact with a guy that they’re attracted to. This is ’hard wired’ behavior that shows submission. If you make eye contact with her from across the room, then see her break the eye contact by looking down, start smiling – and prepare to start flirting.

Another huge factor in knowing how to tell if a girl likes you is body language. As humans,  it is said that 95% of what we communicate to each other is through body language. When across the room from a girl you have to look for different signs then when you’re close up to or in a conversation with her. First beware of ‘stop signs’, such as crossed arms, frowning when looking away from you, having her pivot a complete 180 degrees away from you (done abruptly, right after eye contact).

Look for her playing with her hair (almost ALWAYS signals that she‘s attracted to a guy that is nearby), however do your best to make sure that it is actually you that she’s attracted to (don‘t instantly assume it‘s you, without doing your best to figure this out, it could be the bartender, or her friend‘s boyfriend that she‘s attracted to).

Please for your own sake, as well as all of ours who do get women, don’t be that douche bag  guy that thinks  every girl likes him, when none of them do. Don’t be that guy and try to cock block your guy friend (who the girl actually does like), because a female friend is “into” you (even though you‘ve known her for five years and gotten nowhere with her)! If you are that guy, STOP! And if you know that guy (we‘ve all known a few over the years), tell him that he’s got NO CHANCE WITH HER! Those guys need a wake up call, then maybe they’ll stop being delusional and cock blocking their friends.

Sorry for the rant, however, I think it’s vitally important to know that a girl really likes you, and not be one of those delusional guys who think that every girl they flirt with, who are just being polite to them (rather then saying, “I have no interest in you!”) are into them. These guys stifle not only their sex life, but yours as well, if they’re friends of yours.

Close up signs are when in conversation with a girl, or if she’s in a group of people hanging out with you, are a lot easier to spot, and therefore much easier to respond to. Close up body language would be her playing with her hair while she looking at and talking to you, her posture is standing while sort of pushing up her breasts (to make them look bigger). Girls normally do this by straightening up their back and pushing forward. It’s a little difficult to explain, however, once you spot it you’ll know what to look for in the future – and it’ll be way more obvious to you from now on.

Her laughing at your jokes while giving you eye contact is good sign. As is her touching you in almost any way. Women use playful touching as a socially acceptable way to “get away” with basically, feeling you up. She can touch your chest or your arms (to feel your muscles), without being called a slut by the people around her. The chest and the arms are the most common places you should expect to have this, as they are both muscle areas and sexual areas in a woman’s mind. These are what they most often hold on to when you’re having sex with her!

Also, look for signs of “rejection”, that aren’t really at all. A common way women flirt is in this style of “Yeah right, you‘ll never get with me” while smiling sexily at you and holding her hips or slightly touching her breasts. It may sound difficult but you must sort of learn to think like a woman in this way. It’s another  thing that you’ll get the hang of once you’ve started doing it enough. Or if she laughs at one of your jokes and playfully pushes you away (by touching your chest). This is another common flirting interaction that combines touching sexual areas (as discussed above) and that type of girl fake “rejection” as well.

This is simply an overview of the most basic ways of how to tell if a girl likes you. We have some shockingly effective advanced techniques that will let you know within minutes if she wants you and we’ll show you exactly what to do from there to get her back to your bedroom. Our own proven psychological techniques will show you how to MAKE women want you, and more importantly, having them trying to seduce you. These techniques are powerful,  so we have to state that you must agree to use these techniques for moral and ethical purposes only. Start learning them now…