How to tell a girl you like her

How to tell a girl you like her

So you’ve met that girl that makes you stammer your words, trip and stumble and gives you those proverbial butterflies in the stomach. Chances are that if you’re wondering how to tell a girl you like her, then you’re not quite sure how she feels about you. Telling a woman that you’re into her requires some finesse, because if you do it wrong you can come off like a total loser, or worse yet, a stalker or a psycho. Here are some tips for telling that girl that you like her, and knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll come off looking cool and in control.

Dress and look cool, calm, and collected. Make sure when you’re picking the time to tell the girl that you like her that it’s a time when you can be showered and cleaned up. Pay special attention to your hair and your breath. Don’t let her looks make you give of any vibe that you’re nervous. Of course you will be, but do your best to keep it under control and put it to the back of your mind.

Be ready for whatever she says to you. When you tell a woman that you like her, it’s obvious that you’ll receive one of only two possible answers, yes she’s into you too, or no, she’s not. What ever the answer will be, you need to be ready in advance. You should have two responses ready for either outcome, and have them both not only memorized, but rehearsed as well. This can especially work to your advantage if you plan this well and give her an underhanded psychological trigger to think about in your response. It will bounce around in the back of her mind and may get her to start to like you.

Plan the when and where aspects to your advantage. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best possible time and place to let her know how you feel about her. This is of the utmost importance, if she does like you too, this is the moment that she’ll never forget, so get it right. Depending on how well you know her, if at all possible, make sure the two of you are alone together and not in public. You may be in a social situation like hanging out with friends or at a club, however, try to get her away from everyone else, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Also, time is crucial in knowing how to tell a girl you like her.

If you’re half way through your well planned and heartfelt speech that you’ve been rehearsing in the mirror for days, just to be interrupted by her fat, rude, c*ck blocking friend, you’ll wish that you’d listened to me! Try to plan out as best you can the exact moment when you’ll tell her, and how the time aspect figures into your plan.

Make it either sexy or romantic. It’s kind of a weird dynamic, however, it’s pretty much a fact that a guy can only really tell a girl that he likes her in one of two ways, sexually or romantically. Think about it, there’s really no other way to tell a woman that you’re into her other then it essentially saying “I want to nail you.” or “I really like you and want to be in a relationship”. No matter what you say or do, they all communicate one of the above sentiments. Base the way you tell her on not only which one of these that you truly feel, but also which one will most likely have the greatest chance of success with the particular girl that you’re talking to.

Be different. Unlike all the other morons out there, don’t simply spew some caveman “me like you, you so hot.” idiot sh*t like all the other guys that hit on her. Plan something to say that’s not only different, and for sure more intelligent (and / or funny) then the average lame guy. If you’re going the romantic route with your speech to her, try to make it a bit of a story (how you met her, why you to are good together, you both have so much fun together, etc.). This backs up your words with a little more memory (and thus, feelings) on her part, and can make more of an emotional impact in her mind.

A now a word of warning. Never, ever, make a joke of it! You can make jokes about other things or use some humor in your approach, this is all fine and in some instances better then not using humor. However, never make a joke about your telling her that you like her. That would make you seem like you’re too much of a wuss to really say it to her, so you had to thinly veil it by hiding it in a joke. It shows her nothing more then that you lack balls, and is a sure fire way to turn her off, even if she may have felt the exact same way about you before this. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

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