How to make a girl fall in love with you

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Lots of you have met a girl at some point and want her so bad for whatever reason (whether it‘s known to you or not), and want to know how to make a girl fall in love with you. Some people will argue with you and tell you that it simply cannot be done. I am here to tell you that those people, are wrong. Yes, you heard me, they’re wrong. Anyone who says that you cannot make someone fall in love with you are simply hanging to that idea that they see in movies and on TV, that romantic ideal that love “just happens”, and isn’t something that can be orchestrated by you purposefully.  It can be.

How do I know this? Well I’ve done it myself several times, with several gorgeous girls. And it’s not limited by age, social status, etc. I’ve taught my friends what I’m about to show you and they’ve had the same, brilliant results with “MILFs” or “cougars”, sorority girls, strippers, hot bookworm type girls, and more. All women, regardless of social preferences, how they dress, age, or race are vulnerable to this. Oh and by the way my friends aren’t male models either, not by a long shot.

First, let me explain a little bit about Love, or more specifically, how women view love. If you’ve ever had a girl in love with you, or even if you haven’t (Don‘t worry, you soon will, Read On.), you will have heard them say that they and the object of their love “Just clicked” , “Just had such  a connection” , “Just Had such Chemistry”“I just knew it was right.” , or some other similar type of statement when trying to describe how they felt for the person that they love.

What they are trying to describe is the mental / physical / emotional state that they are in when are with (or even just talking / thinking about that person). It’s hard for someone to describe a mental state, especially one so powerful, that’s why you often get vague, intangible descriptions, such as above.

The fact is, you can induce these states in women, if you know how. And while it’s obvious to you what you’re doing, from their perspective you will have “Just had such a connection”.  So, how do you induce these states?

I’m not going to tell you to recite some bogus hypnotic script, or any other such nonsense that will end the conversation faster then blowing a snot rocket.  You can induce these states (quite consistently, I might add) with three main things, Psychology, Certain specific actions  and a few “blanket phrases” thrown in flippantly at the right times. Psychology, in my opinion, is king when it comes to learning how to make a girl fall in love with you.

Lets start with a bit of psychology, ask any girl what they want in a guy and they’ll all say that they want someone who’s “kind, caring, thoughtful and listens to my…”, Really?! Then why are so many girls going out with assholes?  Now, I’m not suggesting that you should be an asshole at all, however, if you try to be compassionate, over attentive, and kind of a wussy (for lack of a better word) to win her over, prepare to be welcomed to the friend zone. You’ll be her new BFF that she’ll confide in, joke with and have no sexual attraction to what so ever!

This is because when women  tell you what they want, it usually isn’t at all correct. They may even think that’s what they want, but that’s simply not what they are hard wired (over years of evolution) to be attracted to.

There are some that say that women want an “alpha male”, and this to some degree is true. However, that doesn’t mean that they only want the guy who’s the tallest, has the most  muscles, or can beat someone to death. The term “Alpha” simply means someone who’s the best at something (or just someone who‘s the best at something in their mind). That could mean that someone’s the smartest, most cool, wittiest, brilliant artistically, most creative, and so on. You can be the alpha in their mind of whatever has high value to them (or society in general). More on that in detail later, let’s get to another aspect of psychology which is Social Value.

Social value is just a measure of your social status, simply put, things like how many friends you have, how much “pull” you have: Can you cut the line at clubs? Are the bartenders your friends? How many girls do you know?

Also, I should be clear that many things add up to having a high social status, but by this I do not mean money. There are plenty of guys that have a lot of money or make a good living that women see as total losers.

Sure, they’ll use them to buy them dinner or for a night of drinks and tool them around to see how much they can get out of them, but 90% of these guys are getting nothing in return for it. Trust me, I have lots of hot girls that I know well (friends with benefits), that will have these types of guys buy them drinks all night, then they joke about them and laugh at how pathetic they are when they call me at 2 AM (after a night out with one of these tools) to have me (quoting an actual text here) “cum over for some fun? ;-)

Back to social value, women (regardless of what they may say) want a guy that is wanted by other women. They want someone who is sexually active and desired by other women. Don’t ask me why, if it’s simply in their genetic programming or if they’re just shallow enough to want to have the bragging rights to silently say to all other women, “You all want him, but I got him!”, as you walk down the street holding hands.

First impressions count and you need to at least look like you are sexually active, so they can assume right away that you are.  The main rule is to avoid looking like your mommy dressed you or cut your hair. If the girl you want knows you already, you can gradually change these things one at a time. Start with your clothing slightly, then your hair, etc.

No matter how you dress, you need to act as if you’re sexually active (you can and do sleep with several women and it‘s no big deal to you). You never do this by bringing these things up or lying, girls see right through that. You do it by acting as if (without being rude) you don’t really have your heart set on anything and don’t really care if you sleep with her, or not – after all, you know that you’ve got plenty of other girls who’ll be texting you in a few hours for a booty call.

A Word Of Warning: We’re just scratching the surface of the techniques I’ve used to make many girls fall in love with me. If you really want to learn how to make a girl fall in love with you, I just feel I should caution you before going any further and have you ask yourself, do you really want her to fall in love with you?

Do you want her feeling like she wants to be around you all the time? Do you want to have her showing up at your place a lot? You should really be sure before going any further that you really do want her to be in love with you. If your answer is yes, you need to learn my own personal techniques that I’ve used time and time again to get many different women to fall completely in love with me, the system I call Underground Seduction.