How to impress a girl

How to impress a girl

Let me start by saying that lots of guys think that they already know how to impress a girl. Probably about 10% or less of those guys are actually correct in their thinking. The other 90% or so of the guys that think that they know what they’re doing when it comes to impressing women are the guys that haven’t been able to get a girl into their bed for years.

Why is this? Because most guys do the same lame things that guys that never get laid have been doing for centuries, and for some reason haven’t “woken up” and put it together that what they’ve been doing never leads them to any success with women. As Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results.” Could you say it any better then that? These guys never seem to realize that the lame moves they’re making are getting them nowhere with women.

So the most important thing to know when learning how to impress a girl is not to use the same lame things every other guy does trying to impress women. The following things are things that guys think impress women, but actually turn them OFF. Don’t talk about money. They hear guys talking and thinking that they’re being subtle about having money, which comes across as a lame guy that really has nothing going for him. People that have money never talk about money, ever notice that? Every back on his rent scammer or scummy guy you’ve ever known is usually the guy talking about his new “corporation” and how much money it makes.

Don’t try to be a tough guy, either by picking fights or talking about how tough you are. Again, major turn off to girls, they’ve seen it and heard it a million times before. Besides, when a girl goes out with a guy, they want to have fun, laugh and feel sexy, not have to wait for the police to show up or wipe blood off their boyfriends nose.

Let me give you a couple of real life douche bag examples from personal experience:

I was out at a club with a large group of people and there was one guy there who had done the tour de France. Yeah, maybe that’s kind of cool, however, have you ever seen how many people are in the tour de France – Tons! It’s like someone who’s ran a marathon, so what? It wasn’t like it was him and Lance Armstrong leading the pack the whole way.

Regardless of that, this guy had to talk about the tour de France, or as he called it, “the tour” over and over, at times it was completely inappropriate and had nothing to do with the conversation that we were all having. Someone might say, “So last night we were making some tacos…” And he’d interrupt with “Yeah, in the tour, we.. Uh.. Saw a taco stand ”. This went on all night until myself and a friend (and all the girls that were in the group) decided to ditch him and go to another club, we might have “forgot” to let him know that we were leaving. ;-)

Another quick example shows perfectly what I’m talking about when I say that guys who talk about money are usually the guys that have absolutely nothing to offer a girl.

I was out at a bar with a friend of mine (and hot girl that is constantly getting hit on, and a “friend with benefits”), and she was approached by this guy she’s know for a long time and has no interest in. In fact, we actually have a nick name for him, and constantly make fun of how lame he is trying to hit on women and failing at it all the time. So, my friend had to hit the ladies room, so I got stuck sitting at a table with this tool and his friend for a few minutes to wait for her. A quick bit of info on this guy, he’s 40 something, works at some boring place an then goes home and stares at television, that’s his basic routine.

The hottest waitress in the place, another girl who’s constantly getting hit on like crazy, is walking by. The guy stops what he’s talking about mid sentence when he sees her getting close to the table, and loudly says to his friend “So I was having some stuff put on my plane the other day…”. I looked up at her and noticed two things, she rolled her eyes as if to say “What a complete douche bag!”, and then, as if she could tell how much I was cringing at that lame attempt to impress her, gave me a big, sexy smile and winked at me.

She demonstrated in about .5 seconds that his move was completely lame, and that she noticed that I was cringing at how lame it was and thus realized that I must be somewhat cool to “get it” and gave me that sexy wink. Needless to say I followed up on her and, a few weeks later, got her in to my bedroom.

So what does impress women? You might be shocked to realize that the one, single most impressive, attractive and sexiest thing to women that  a guy can have is… Confidence. Confidence is not only what’s sexy and attractive to girls but it also displays a general confidence in yourself. Let’s say your not currently driving the most expensive car, confidence shows that you are confident in yourself and your abilities, you wouldn’t feel that way if you had any doubts that you soon will be driving that new, ridiculously expensive car.

Women are impressed that, unlike 90% of other guys, you don’t talk stupid stuff to try to impress them, you “get it” and know money and flashy things aren’t what they’re naturally attracted to, you know that nothing that you say will impress them and aren’t deliberately trying to, and you’re simply NOT LIKE ALL THE OTHER GUYS.

These qualities are those of a guy that’s naturally good with women, which believe it or not, is what they all desire and are attracted to. Being that kind of guy is what’s impressive to women. Don’t think about money as being impressive, think of it this way, we all like hot girls, and more so if they have good breasts, ass, a hot face or whatever.

Sure, that’s true, we like those things, but are you IMPRESSED by those things? I’m not. I’m impressed when I hear that she’s passed “the bar” (the exam to be an attorney), or that she’s written a novel that was published. Those things impress a person. A rich dad can give any little douche bag a nice car, so what, it’s not impressive to most (thinking) people.

In short, impressing a girl is important, but not nearly as important as ATTRACTING girls. Especially when you can do it over and over again, wherever you go. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn using our proven psychological techniques that MAKE women want, compete over, and get them trying to seduce YOU. Our techniques work regardless of your age, looks, income, as they are powerful techniques that speak directly to the subconscious minds of all women. Start learning how to pull women all the time, and have all of yours friends begging to know what you’re doing.