How To Get A Girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

Ok, so you’ve decided that you really want that one awesome, funny, hot girl that you can hang out with all the time, in a relationship based on way more then just sex. You need to know how to get a girlfriend, and I’m guessing you’d like to do it quickly and easily. Well then, you’ve come to the right place, read on.

Firstly, I have to point out that this page will be a little different if you’ve been reading the other pages on this web site. This is because if you’re looking to get a girlfriend you should be looking for a girl that you actually ‘click’ with and with who’s personality you’ll genuinely have fun being around. That means looking for those qualities ABOVE looking for the hottest girl out there. Now, if you’ve read other pages on this web site you’ll know that I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with looking for the hottest girl out there, but that’s more if you’re a player or planning on staying single, in non-exclusive relationships with many women. I do not advocate cheating on a girl in any way.

So if you’re serious and you are really interested in getting a girlfriend, she should be someone you really love being with and have fun with, AND super hot, if you’re lucky (and your game is good ;-) ).

To start out, talk to as many women as possible, at any given time. Why is this? For several VERY important reasons. First, it gets you good at talking to women in general, as practice makes perfect, and this is nowhere more true then when it comes to talking to girls. This is because, while most women will react a certain way to one of your lines (or stories, jokes, moves, etc.), you’ll have that percentage out there that’ll throw you a curve ball and respond with something that catches you completely off guard. Just when you thought that you had her in the palm of your hand, she smacks you with the confusion stick.

Talking to many women frequently actually trains you in how to respond flawlessly in situations like this, it even becomes second nature!

Also, because talking to lots of girls will ELIMINATE any anxiety you might have about talking to women. It may seem deathly scary at first but, trust me, it will eventually be completely wiped out if you keep on talking to lots of women on a regular basis.

And finally, it may help you find girl that you may have over looked if you were only chatting up the hottest girls that you could find. And remember, we’re looking for someone that will be an awesome girlfriend, not just the hottest chick in the room.

I’m not going to tell you to be yourself, but just don’t be a dork. No ‘canned’ cheesy pick up artist routines, magic acts or other such lame stuff. If you really want to get a girlfriend then you want to find somebody that you can be around a lot, and be yourself around, so don’t put on some fake character that is guaranteed to do one of two things: wear off as she gets to know the real you, and finds out that it isn’t the same guy that she liked (the fake you she met at the bar), or, and this one is far more likely, she’ll be turned off by what a complete tool you are and might let you take her on one date to blow your money on her, then blow off your texts and phone calls.

Get out there and flirt. If you’re serious about learning how to get a girlfriend, this is key. This goes hand in hand with talking to lots of women, flirt with as many as you can as well. Not only are you improving your flirting skills, you’re also learning to become great at conversations with women that you’re attracted to (while not being nervous). And when you find a girl that you think you’re really into, try to get to know as much about her as you can.

A couple of key points here, you want to learn as much about her as you possibly can, without it feeling like you’re interrogating her. This is because, as I’ve been trying to grind into you, you want a girlfriend that you really want to hang out with, not just an airhead bimbo that’s a hot piece of ass. You might meet a girl that’s hot, funny and spontaneous, exactly what you thought you were looking for, only to find out later on that she’s an atheist, and you’re a hardcore religious dude. Wouldn’t that have been way easier to find out the second time you hung out with her, rather then six months down the line?! Never assume anything.

Pursue your interests. Whatever your personal hobbies or interests are, find a way to pursue them in a social way. If you’re into food and wine, take a cheap culinary class or hit a local wine tasting. Again, the idea is to meet women that share your interests, and when that happens, the two of you have more of a chance to ‘click’. Ever notice how girls talk about a guy and say that they “had a connection” or “we just had chemistry”? Usually, that’s simply when the girl just discovered how many things they had in common with a guy. Where better to meet someone with similar interests to yours then to seek out a class or other meeting place for your given interest.

Beware of the friend zone. The friend zone is when a guy likes a girl who isn’t interested in him, and is constantly hanging out with her, hoping to escalate it into a sexual / romantic relationship. I’d guess that at least 25% of guys out there are in the friend zone with a girl , and are either too clueless or delusional to realize it. Step one is to be completely real with yourself and really figure out if you’re one of them.

Not only does the friend zone suck, but you’re not only wasting time hanging out with a girl that has put you in the friend zone, but also, you’re missing out on opportunities to meet that potential girlfriend when it looks like you’re dating your female friend. Most times, girls that put guys in the friend zone KNOW this, and they get off on it. They get the ego boost, and you get no sex. Sound like a fair deal to you?

I’ve given you some of the basics on how to get a girlfriend, now if you want the really powerful techniques when you’re out there meeting girls to get them chasing you night after night, you need to learn the “underhanded” psychological techniques that are both powerful and proven to get women trying to seduce you. Our techniques work regardless of your age, looks, income, as they are powerful techniques that speak directly to the subconscious minds of all women. Start your training now…