How to get a girl to like you

How to get a girl to like you

Like many guys all over the world, you may have the same eternal question, you want to know how to get a girl to like you. Well if you want to get a girl to like you, you have to start with getting her to notice you, and then follow it up by (indirectly) demonstrating the qualities that will get her to fall for you.

The first thing is your look or general style. Although you don’t have to be Brad Pitt in order to pick up girls, you must convey a couple of important things INSTANTLY with your style. You need to dress as if you’re sexually active (even if you‘re not). What this specifically means is that you must look like the type of guy who does get women all the time. Here’s one important thing that most guys don’t realize, women are attracted to guys that get a lot of women, or that can have any girl that they want.

I’m not suggesting that you go too far and try to dress like some rock star. Simply looking “in” and having a modern sense of style goes a long way with women. Most guys dress in either two ways that REPEL women:

Half the guys dress as if they just fell out of bed with what they’ve got on. They wear crappy t shirts, sneakers, baseball hats and “workman” type jackets like carhartts. Take a look around the club or bar next time you’re out, every lame guy getting rejected by women all night have this “typical guy” look. It shows any attractive girl that they’re just as lame and uninteresting as the previous five guys that just hit on her.

The other half are the “geeks” who look like mommy just dressed them to go to the park. They wear khakis, ugly polo shirts or sweaters with lots of stripes (again, it looks like their mommy bought it for them), and usually have bad (or little boyish) haircuts.

Now if you fall into one of the above categories, by all means stop dressing like that now! All that you really need to do is to watch some current TV shows and movies and make a conscious attempt to look at the clothes that the guys are wearing, as well as their haircuts and mannerisms. Try to adopt a style that you feel comfortable with, that way you won’t feel like you’re being “fake” or trying to hard to be someone that you’re not.

Basically, we’re trying to make a “cooler” you. Also, you must dress well ALL THE TIME. This is for two main reasons, one is so that you’re comfortable and confident in your new look (you’re not just dressing like this when you‘re out at the club) and the other is because you never know where you might meet a girl that you want to attract.

Now that you’ve got your look down, you must exhibit the other most important traits and characteristics to get her to like you. These are confidence, being (or at least appearing to be) sexually active and a mutual liking of each other. The thing that you need to avoid is seeming like every other guy. This is because if the girl that you’re interested in is at all remotely attractive, she’s being hit on by guys all the time. The last thing that you want is to seem like yet another of those lame guys, or she’ll be turned off and uninterested in you from the moment you meet.

If you’re serious about learning how to get a girl to like you, you need to study both body language and flirting (There‘s a lot of information on this web site) to show her indirectly that you have both confidence and are desired by other women.

When it comes to mutual liking, what I am specifically talking about is that feeling when you can tell that she likes you (and she know that you can tell), and visa versa. This is a bit of a subtle art, as you want to convey that you like her, know that she likes you, and would be happy to hook up with her, however, you MUST also convey that you’re not way too into her, and are perfectly cool with not hooking up as well.

Your whole attitude and demeanor must tell her subtly “Hey I like you, you like me, let‘s hook up. But, oh yeah, if you can‘t or are a little shy about it, It‘s no big deal, I‘ll just hook up with someone else who’s here, no worries.”

This attitude is what women go crazy for. That sense that you don’t NEED to hook up with them but “I‘m just giving you your chance”. The idea that you could go either way and that it’s not all that earth shattering to you whether you do or don’t hook up with her, is often exactly what will lead her to hook up with you. Most times, this will even make her hook up with you, as it is in her natural programming to want this guy who’s in demand, and can just go hook up with someone else. It will have her thinking “Well, I like him and he likes me, he should hook up with me and not some random slut, he needs to know how great I am, maybe this is my chance.”

Although it’s a little difficult to get across to you in print, once you’ve accomplished this back and forth with a woman enough times, it’ll become not only second nature, but a lot of fun as well. Trust me, I’ve gotten this down to the point that I can and do get this type of conversation going with different women every night that I go out. It’s powerful stuff!

Now I’ve given you a start of knowing how to get a girl to like you. If you’re serious about DRASTICALLY improving your “game” with women and want to learn how to get them chasing you night after night, you need to learn the “underhanded” psychological techniques that are both powerful and proven to get women trying to seduce you. Read on…