How to flirt with a girl

How to flirt with a girl

So like many guys you know that you want to attract and pick up more women, but you still have some questions on how to flirt with a girl. The most important thing to consider first is, “Is she attracted to you?”. Before jumping right in to flirting, you need to figure out if she has any romantic or sexual interest in you, otherwise your flirting may well be seen as inappropriate or worse if it creates an awkward situation a at party or club.

As an example, if she has a boyfriend and you didn’t bother to discern this information first, it could result in a fight, ruining someone’s party, or any number of other situations that you would have definitely wanted to avoid. There’s lots of information on telling if a girl likes you or not, as well as finding out if she does have a boyfriend on this site, use it to your advantage.

You should definitely learn how women flirt with guys (Again, there‘s a lot of great information on this web site), which will let you know for sure if she’s flirting with you. If you do notice these signs then, consider it a green light to start flirting. However, START SLOW AT FIRST! I can’t emphasize this enough, a big part of knowing how to flirt with a girl is to take small steps, make sure she’s ok with it and look for her to give you signs that you can “step it up”, then increase the sexual nature in which you’re flirting.

Start by making some eye contact, the best way I can describe how it should feel is a bit sexual and alluring. It’s not the type of thing you can get across easily in print, you’ll have to practice in the mirror, maybe watch some “chick flicks” to see what they like in a guy and you’ll definitely FEEL it when you get it right with a girl.

Another trick is to “get caught” looking. This simply means when you check her out quickly, with a head to toe glance, to time it so that you “accidentally” “get caught” by her. This, I need to stress again, must be done quickly and NOT SPOKEN ABOUT. You’ll need to hone you’re acting skills a bit to fully sell that you didn’t want her to see you checking her out, but I believe that acting is anywhere from 25 to 50% of all pick up or “game”.

You do this quickly and don’t say a word about it, you do not ever try the lame, “homie” way of doing this: They stare her up and down, practically groping her with their eyes, make no attempt to hide it and then they follow up with some lame ass line like: “Yo, baby girl…”. I see these losers get blown off and laughed at by women all the time, not just in clubs, but in the mall, etc. Those tools probably spend half of their waking hours trying to pick up girls, only to occasionally  pick up a fatty.

One of the signs a girl is flirting with you and what to look for is HER TOUCHING YOU. I have a golden rule with this, if she’s not your sister and she’s touching you, chances are she has some level of interest in you. Look around the room for groups of people the next time that you’re at a bar or club. You’ll see groups of people talking at the bar, in a circle, sat around a table or a group of people dancing on the dance floor. If you look closely, you’ll see that usually there will be a couple of guys in the group talking (sometimes with the body language that they‘re trying to “inject” themselves into the conversation) that are getting less eye contact from the girls in the group, and not getting touched at all. However, you’ll also see a guy that will have a girl touching his hand or chest while talking (while smiling), or touching him as she laughs at one of his jokes on the dance floor.

Again, take this as a sign to start touching her back, but start slowly. When you’re talking to a girl that was a complete stranger just a few minutes ago, you start with touching her in spots that are socially “ok”. Start by touching a girl’s hands, use a funny excuse for a hug (“Oh my god, you love ____ too!”), or brushing a stray hair of hers back into place (when there was no stray hair at all). When she seems to give you signs to go a bit further, usually her upping the flirting, you can go in for your first casual try at touching her in one of what I call the “boyfriend spots”.

These are spots that in society, usually are reserved for someone that is sleeping with the girl. They include holding her with one arm around her waist, putting your arm around her while talking to someone else, a back rub in public, or a playful touch of her ass (the later being the most risky, this depends a lot on the general mood and tone of the flirting and the particular woman).

Here are a few more miscellaneous tips when flirting with a girl. Don’t check out other women when you’re talking to a girl, it doesn’t make you look cool, having her notice other girls checking you out makes you look cool. Don’t talk about yourself, unless asked. Most people (guys and girls) ramble on and on about themselves to the point that it makes everyone sick of it. Talk about her whenever possible. This is a great trick and a complete reversal of the above. Since people love to talk about themselves, most girls could go on all day about themselves! And most of the time after they’ve had a conversation about themselves, they’ll come away from it thinking “Wow that was such a fun (interesting or whatever ) guy!” When all you did was listen to them talk.

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