How to Be a Player!

How to Be a Player!

become a player guide to attract girls and women

So maybe you’ve seen the VH1 show, The Pick Up Artist and watched Mystery and Matador picking up the hottest girls with ease. Or you’ve read some books or watched some movies on the web on pickup and want to learn the tricks of the game. Or maybe you’re just sick of seeing yet another douche bag at a bar with hot women all over him and you’re wondering “Why can’t that be me?” OR “What does that guy know (or do) that I don’t?”. For whatever reason, you want to learn how to be a player!

Well as an old saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears…” Welcome to Underground Seduction.

We’re here to teach you what actually works in the real world of seduction and pickup, and to tell you what doesn’t! We’ll teach you how to be a player, and let you avoid being that guy that gets blow off by group after group of hot girls.

The first thing I’m going to tell you is something that (whether you already know it or not) 90% of guys don’t know and it absolutely kills their “game”. That is, never take any advice on attracting women, or what women want in a man, from a woman! This may seem strange to you at first, but once you know this you’ll be ahead of most other guys in seducing women, and getting them to chase you.

The reason for this is, when you ask nearly all women what they want in a man, they’ll tell you the same things: “Someone who‘s sensitive, that will really listen to me, etc.” – Your typical nice guy. So why do you see most women with complete jerks? Why is it that guys that are arrogant and self absorbed the guys that you see hooking up with different women all the time? And then why aren’t all the “nice guys” that you know getting laid left, right and center?

Because women may THINK that they want nice guys, but women instinctively want guys who “alpha” in some way. They’re also naturally attracted to guys that are confident, these are the true players. Arrogance is not necessary, however I’m just pointing out that when you run into some arrogant douche bag that gets women (we all know at least one at some point), and you wonder why he does so well with women, it’s because although arrogance is not inherently attractive (it gets old to a girl over time), it can be perceived as a form of confidence. After all, who’s that full of them self with out being confident in them selves?

If you really want to become a player, you’ll need to have your unconscious behavior mastered. These things include your confidence, tone of voice, posture and body language, as well as other things all together referred to as “inner game”. This is the very first step at being a master player. We’re not only going to teach you these things, but all of our advanced (you‘ll be shocked at how easy these are to pull off!) psychological techniques that we use to pick up hot women, night after night. But first let’s start with some inner game.

Part of being a true player is mastering your inner game. If a guys’ inner game (his state of thinking and feeling) and his outer game (his dress, style and the things that he says and does) don’t match, a girl can sense this a mile away – and they will get the hell away, from you! If you go in saying cocky / cool stuff but your body language and attitude seem like you’re scared and trembling, you’re screwed – prepare to be blown off (known also as “blown out” among the pick up artist (PUA) community).

So get ready for a crash course in Inner Game:

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