How to Attract Girls

How to attract girls with flirting tips to attract women

How to attract girls with flirting tips to attract women

Since the VH1 show, the pick up artist first came out, regular people in the mainstream have been looking for information on how to attract girls – now that they know that there is a proven science behind female to male attraction. The underground society of pick up artists have known this for years, thanks to pickup masters like Mystery, Neil Strauss and others.

So what are the secrets of attracting girls to you? Here are a few things that can be done when you’re out and / or in conversation with a girl to subliminally show her you’re the type of guy she wants, and more importantly – and get her seducing you…

One is Demonstrate Higher Value – meaning, unlike all the other guys who do the same things when talking to a hot girl (like kiss her ass, brag about money, etc.) you realize that you are the prize, not her. If you can truly master this attitude, you will see the amazing results that come with it. This however, must be done subtly, and not by acting fake (which women can easily pick up on) or by being an overly aggressive, arrogant jerk. We’ll get into this in more detail later, lets continue on our overview of the primary character traits that you MUST master to be attracting women on a regular basis.

Another is to make your self scarce – at first. Most guys when a conversation is going well with a women will hang around as long as they possibly can, hoping that it will eventually lead to getting laid. What more often then not happens to these guys is that they run out of things to talk about and then shoot themselves in the foot – as the girl now perceives them as boring. They should have quit while they were ahead! Get her number or make a follow up plan and get out!

Play hard to get. Sounds silly or simple? Girls have been doing it for years thinking that that’s what a guy wants, when in reality we just want to get laid sometimes! However, the reason they do this is that it is what they subconsciously want. That’s why it works so well to reverse it on them. Plus, you’re doing the opposite of what every other chump guy out there is doing. While they’re latching on and kissing her ass, you’re flirting, confident that you are the prize and couldn’t give a sh*t if you hook up with her or not.

Another thing nearly all women do (mistakenly) to attract men is to hang around a guy that they have little or no interest in, thinking that this will make the person across the room (or the table) that they really want jealous. I don’t know about you, but this is one of the last things that will make me feel more attracted to her. If I see a girl hanging on a guy while eye f*cking me like crazy from across the room, I guess that she’s either loose or  slutty. And if they don’t pull it off right, I might guess it’s her boyfriend and move on. She just blew it, big time!

How to be a player to get women seduction forum

How to be a player to get women seduction forum

The reason I bring this up is because this is yet another “girl pick up trick” that usually backfires on them, but demonstrates what would attract them to a guy. They’re using this little trick because they assume that it will attract you, because they know that it would attract them.

Women are “hard wired” to want a guy that’s in demand and desired by other women. Maybe it’s through years of evolution, or a simple self absorbed subconscious need to have all the other girls jealous of them, because they have the man that the other girls want.

Regardless of the reason, this is another simple, yet very powerful thing that we can turn around on them, to our advantage. Simply using any female friend, a girl you don’t know (and maybe have no interest in) and just start talking to at a club, to seem like you’re with them, picking them up, etc. I don’t care if it’s your own sister you use for this (as long as the girl you want can‘t tell ;-) ). If you think this is simple, you’re right, it is – but don’t ignore how powerful this little trick is… I speak from experience.

Another very important factor is body language (as it’s been proven that 95% of our communication is through body language). Attracting girls you’ve never even met from across the room is hugely influenced by this. Women want a guy that’s confident, and a couple of the simplest, yet most powerful ways to communicate to her (and her subconscious) that you are a confident guy are:

Smiling, it sounds simple, however would a guy who’s nervous, scared, or anything other then confident be smiling? It also conveys that you’re having a good time (whether or not you really are), yet another attractive trait desired by all (sane) women. Even if you’re at a club with no friends, smile when you’re talking to the bartender, waitress, or anyone. Also, if you’re one of those guys that has problems feeling comfortable smiling too much or has a problem with eye contact (I was), we’ll get into some simple yet effective techniques that will completely cure you of these conditions, they did for myself and many other guys that I’ve helped.

Confident body language, this means shoulders back, walking not too fast (nervous) and not too slow (defeated), looking strait ahead (with your head tilted slightly back), hands out of pockets (showing her subconscious that you‘re both not intimidated and not hiding anything).

WARNING: This is just a basic overview of some of the character traits that you need to master in order to be attracting women on a regular basis, if you’re serious about learning not only how to attract girls, but to get them into bed, as a “friend with benefits”, or even a serious relationship, I’m going to show you the unedited, no holds barred, psychological techniques that will have you dwarfing other guys, regardless of your looks, age, weight, or how much money you make.

My friend (a well respected psychologist) and I personally developed these techniques and honed them to work time and time again with women of all ages, intellects and social cliques. We only ask that you must only use them for moral and ethical purposes only.

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