How to ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out

Guys all over have different thoughts, tricks and ideas about how to ask a girl out. Some guys think they know what they’re doing, and tell all their friends what to do, yet many of those guys never get girls to go out with them. So, what are the right (and wrong) ways to ask a woman out on a date.

Let’s first cover a couple of things that most guys believe are the “proper” ways to ask girls to go out with them. Most guys don’t stop to think that ANY girl that’s at all above average attractiveness is hit on a ridiculous amount on a daily basis. From guys at work, in the coffee shop, at a restaurant, and basically everywhere they go.

This doesn’t mean all of the guys approaching them are blatantly overt about it, however, guys are constantly talking to these women and trying to “get their foot in the door”, so to speak. And it’s important to remember that this is all in the course of your normal, average day. We’re not even talking about nights when she goes out to bars and clubs with her friends, we’re just talking about her boring, middle of the week work days.

As guys, wouldn’t that be great?! On any average, boring day we’re getting hit on by tons of women. Most guys never even dream of that, and that’s exactly why they never stop to think about it from the girl’s point of view. If they did, they would realize that women have heard it all when it comes to things guys say to them to try to ask them out, turn them on, and make themselves more desirable to women. That’s why most girls are good at distinguishing real players from guys who are being fake and trying to make themselves seem more “cool”.

Think of this analogy, when your average moron sees a celebrity, they normally go up to them and say something like “I love your movies” (when they couldn‘t even name one if they were asked), ask them to sign something, or say the actor’s “catch phrase” (from a show or movie, such as “That‘s what she said!”). Do you know what the celebrity is thinking? They‘re sarcastically thinking, “Wow, I‘ve never heard that one before.”, as they walk away in disgust and contempt.

Keep that in mind when you think about saying anything to an above average woman. Most guys will try to ask them out by saying some lame ass thing that they think is what they should say. They might have seen it in a movie, their friends told them to say it, or they heard it somewhere else. They do this without even thinking about it, and then wonder why she politely said “No.”

You DO NOT want to say the same thing to her that every other, lame guy has said. Because you DO NOT want to be lumped into that same category as all those other, lame guys!

So first of all, think of what you have said in the past to ask out women, and if you’re guilty of saying something that is generic and seems like it could be listed above, then BY ALL MEANS STOP USING THAT LINE.

Unlike your ‘run of the mill’ morons, you want to say something to her that will make her perceive you as either sexy, funny, interesting, witty, or charming. These are all characteristics that all those other guys that have been hitting on her, trust me on this, do not possess.

So let’s get to not only how to ask a girl out but also the type of “date” you want to ask her to. The type of date you ask her on is just as important as how you ask her out. You may think of asking her to dinner or “dinner and a movie”, expect her to be thinking “Wow, I‘ve never heard that one before.” Getting the idea? Here’s the trick, when you’re asking her out DON’T ASK HER ON A DATE! A conventional date is not only boring (like all the other guys) but also sets up those awkward “date” thoughts in her mind.

You don’t want a woman to be in “date” mentality, Trust Me. That would have her being on her best behavior, slightly on edge, somewhat nervous and feeling like she’s being judged the whole time. That is not the mindset you want her in when you hang out with her.

You want her to be feeling free, laughing, excited, elated, and turned on, all of which are not to be had if she’s in “date” mentality.
So now I’m going to show you how I ask girls out, without actually “asking her out”.   After I’ve established a conversation with her that’s going great and we’re flirting with each other, I’ll casually throw in asking her to join me in something, a bit flippantly, like I don’t care if she comes or not. The trick is to seem a bit like you‘re thinking “Yeah, come on it‘ll be fun, but it‘s no big deal if you can‘t.” You don’t want to be seeming too much like you don’t care, otherwise you’d come off like an @sshole! It’s a delicate balance between the two that you’re going for, but once you get it, it’ll become easier every time you do it.

So at the height of our having fun I might say, “Hey, you seem like a good judge of style, I need to get a new jacket tomorrow, you should come along and help me find a cool one.” See what I’m doing? I’m asking her out without it being a big deal if she comes or not. I’m asking her to come along (a great psychological trick) to something that I’m doing anyway. I’m asking her to something that’s NOT triggering “date” mentality. And, I’m asking her to go shopping (Which ALL women love), all at the same time. All that stuff is going on in just one sentence! Also, I’m even complimenting her on her sense of style as well.

Now, I have to stress this, DON’T BE A MORON AND USE THE EXACT SENTENCE ABOVE, come up with your own! Why? Because lots of guys reading this will be lazy and use the exact sentence I just shared with you, and you don’t want to be using a “line” that lots of other guys are using. So just come up with your own version, take a little time and come up with a killer one! I’ve come up with lot’s of them over the years and I even have a few on the notepad app on my phone, so once the conversation is starting to get really good I’ll slip off to the bathroom and find the one I like best for the girl that I’m talking to.

Now I’ve just shared one of my methods of how to ask a girl out. I haven’t yet told you  the psychological techniques that I use when I’m actually out with women to get them in awe of me, thinking very sexually about me and to make them chase Me. Not to mention having them asking me back to their bedroom. These are powerful, psychological techniques that I use all time with the hottest women in any room. You’ll soon have all of your friends’ jaws dropping when they see more and more hot women trying to seduce you. Start becoming a master of Underground Seduction right now…