Flirting Tips

Flirting Tips

When it comes to talking to a hot girl you just met at a bar or club, most guys come off either shy and stiff or awkward and lame. Sorry, but after years of personal experience of what it really takes to go out, meet a girl, and actually get laid that night, I’ve seen tons of guys thinking that they’re doing all right with a woman – when they’re failing miserably. Then they go off to wonder why she leaves, blows him off, or doesn’t respond to his calls and texts. So here are some flirting tips for those of you that really want to have a lot of success with women, and lots of them. All guys seriously need to learn how to flirt using methods that have been “field tested” and actually improve your game in reality – not your perceived game in your head!

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Also, a lot of guys (especially in the PUA community) are under the completely wrong impression that they shouldn’t flirt (or act like he doesn’t care about getting with her) – or worse, the guy that acts like he’s too cool for everything. So here are a few flirting tips for you to remember the next time you’re chatting up a hot woman at the club…

Confidence – I know, you’ve heard it harped on again and again by many seduction & pick up sources but, confidence is key to flirting!

There’s simply no way around it. I you’re not confident and projecting a strong, confident personality – you can’t do some essential things like: Make sexy (not nervous) eye contact, Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger that you’re attracted to and be calm in this type of situation so that you can calmly decide the right things to say, and not blurt out stupid things because you’re nervous. Furthermore, if you’re not confident in the interaction, you’ll come off as weird, lame, weak, or just plain scary to girls. Confidence isn’t a virtue, it’s a necessity.

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Body Language – Much like conversational skills when learning how to attract girls, many guys shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to body language. The same thing is true when trying to attract a woman with your words, what you don’t say is often more important then what you do. Just like guys shouldn’t blast a woman with their whole life story, what body language cues you don’t give are more important for conveying confidence when flirting with women. Here are some definite DO’s and DON’Ts:


1 – No invading her space! I see this all the time from guys out at bars and clubs (it conveys being needy, and can easily scare her off). A good rule here is to remain at least 2 feet away from her when first meeting and talking to her. Watch for signs to move in a little closer: She touches your arm or chest playfully or leans in to talk to you closer.

2 – Have your arms crossed (Most guys think this shows how “tuff” their are, it’s actually a ‘closed’ body language signal indicating that you’re faking disinterest – when you’re actually interested, showing her that you’re too weak to be open and confident with your attraction to her) NOTE: In girls this is often the case, and perfectly all right! Many women will subconsciously cross their arms when first meeting a new potential lover. Just be sure to look for other positive body language such as her touching her hair, making good eye contact, smiling and giving you that quick “check out” – glancing at your body up and down quickly.

3 – Fidget or squirm – No darting, nervous eyes – finger tapping, toe tapping, etc (Shows that you’re both nervous and insecure)


1 – Make gazing eye contact – no staring here, but also no avoiding the eyes. A good ratio is 75% eye contact with her, and 25% looking at something else. Some rules of thumb here: avoid looking like you’re checking out other girls and make sure not to come off like the darting, nervous eye guy, as stated above.

2 – Suggestive use of touch – No Groping! Nothing overtly sexual – remember flirting is about being sexual by hinting at it playfully, not blatant touching in a sexual manner! Occasional touch on her hand or shoulder is appropriate.

3 – Assume an ‘Open’ Posture – No crossed arms, facing to far away from her, or staring at her shoes! You’re cool and confident when talking to her.

So in conclusion, if you don’t simply read these flirting tips, but you actually re-read, absorb and apply them the next time you’re out at a bar or a club – you will see your game improve dramatically (I know from first hand experience!). Furthermore, if you want the no holds barred seduction and pick up techniques that have been tested and proven to help you Get Laid, NOT liked – Click Here!