Attract any Woman Fast

Attract any Woman Fast

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We’ve been asked by lots of you that among all the different pickup and seduction techniques and systems (i.e. Mystery’s, Real Social Dynamics, David DeAngelo, etc.) which are the most effective, easiest to start using and work the fastest. In short and to quote your emails, which is the “best” way to attract women quickly? Well as far as the term “best” is relative to what you’re skilled at as a pick up artist, some people are naturally better at David DeAngelo’s Cocky / Funny attitude, while other people are able to pull off Mystery’s techniques more naturally.

However, we have found some basic principals that are best learned and followed regardless of what type of pickup game you use.

1 – Confidence and “Inner Game” is one of the most important qualities you can have. This can not be stressed enough! No matter what you say, how cool (or funny) your routines are, or how good looking you are, she can smell insecurity you’re dead in the water, friend. Learning different tricks and techniques to build and maintain inner confidence throughout the entire conversation / seduction is a necessary goal.

2 – Image – You don’t have to go all out and try to look as punk or alternative as Mystery himself does, nor does he suggest that. Most people simply copy Mystery’s style thinking that it’s the only way to “peacock” (showing that you are visually different from other guys and interesting). Furthermore, by going to much like Mystery in the peacocking realm – you risk that girls will know that you’re a “pick up artist”, because remember, more girls watch VH1 than guys do!

However, you should try to find your own image, known in the pick up artist community as an “avatar”. This could be slightly punk to really dressy, anything that conveys that you’re confident, unique and generally an interesting and fun person to be around. Here’s a quick video on peacocking:

3 – Humor & Mystery – Not Mystery the pickup artist, but a sense of mystery in who you are. When girls are asked what turns them on most (attract woman) in a guy, among the top traits are always humor and when a guy is a bit mysterious. Now we can’t instantly teach you to be tastefully funny and mysterious, but here’s the trick:

You have to convey mystery without seeming too aloof and convey humor without seeming like a “joking asshole”, or someone who’s desperate for them to like you (i.e. approval seeking through comedy / jokes.). Although this may seem like a fine line to walk while your talking to a “10″ (and trying not to stare at her chest!) – it can be much easier to accomplish using some of the routines and dialogue bits in Our Program…