Where’s the best place to pick up girls in Sacramento?

JC83 asked:

I was just curious if it would be best for the girl to pick me up at my house for the first date or to meet her at the place we are having the first date at ?

Because I do not have my driver’s license. I took the test twice and failed it twice when I was 17 years old/

The driving instructor does not want to teach me anymore because he said I wasnt understanding what he was trying to teach me. I dont have enough money to pay a driving school s few hundred dollars to teach me how to drive and no one in my family is willing to teach me how to drive.

This girl and I live about 25 minutes apart and Im pretty sure she is not familiar with my hometown. I would probably have to send her directions by Mapquest.

So, should I have her pick me up at my house or should I meet her at the place we are having the first date at ?

Because until I actually get my license she eventually will have to pick me up at my house anyway once and a while.

What do you all think ?

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Carborane March 13, 2011 at 4:24 am

Does it matter? Either way she will have to drive you home. May as well let her pick you up, so she gets used to the area.