hot busty blonde chickHere’s a very common problem that I’d argue that MOST guys have at one time or another. You’re with a hot girl, the conversation is smooth, everything’s going great, you’re already thinking about how you’ll be telling your friends about how awesome it was to bang this chick tomorrow… and then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of your buddies (male or female) walks up and says one stupid fucking thing that completely blows you out of the picture. Something that for all of your verbal stumbling, you just can’t seem to recover from.

Has this ever happened to you? I’m guessing that yes, it has. We’re going to get into the problems that your ‘friends’ can have on your game, and more importantly, how to eliminate them (I mean the problems of course, unless your friends are total pricks).

Your friends (whether they know it or not) can have a BIG effect on your game, and more importantly your chances of closing the girl that night. The sad thing about psychology and human nature is that for all of the minutes or hours that you’ve been talking to a girl that you’ve just met, one completely retarded action from one of your friends can completely destroy the entire thing in a matter of seconds!

Your friends (whether it’s intentional or not) can completely destroy your chances with an amazing, hot girl that you would have enjoyed months, maybe even years of hot sex with… or maybe even a relationship, if she’s that cool and deserving of that level of YOUR commitment.

Let me break it down for you a bit:

hot girl sucking her finger

You’ve just met a girl, all of your scanning and non-approach techniques worked perfectly, you’ve been chatting for a bit and not only is it going well but, she’s eating out of the palm of your hand (and I mean that she REALLY, genuinely is), and then your friend comes over and says (with a retarded smile on his face) “Hey, I just saw Lyndsey’s tits, ha ha, then Jimmy got kicked out. We gotta go find him!”.

Then all of that precision training that you’ve had – (You’re Welcome ;-) ) – all of the scanning, all of the non-approach opening stuff, all of the conversational techniques that you’ve just pulled off PERFECTLY won’t save you from having to move on.

Why? Because that idiot ‘friend’ of yours (whether he meant to or not, and trust me sometimes they DID mean to, no matter what they tell you later) just completely fucked it all up with a single sentence. And why couldn’t you just bring her back on board? Because by being an idiot he just completely lowered YOUR value in her eyes.

Whereas before you were an amazing, interesting, funny and charming guy, now his 2 second appearance has just shot that belief to hell in her mind. What’s worse (and this is why you won’t be able to bring her back on board), is that now she’s actually pissed off at you, as she now feels like she’s been lied to and duped by YOU, because SHE thought that you were so cool.

hot blonde in bikini

This is another common psychological principal at work: People will naturally BLAME OTHERS for when they feel duped. Even when it wasn’t YOUR fault, and even if she WASN’T duped in the first place (You generally ARE a cool guy to be around, but that moron fucked up that thought in her head so- YOU must somehow be the asshole). Re-read that last bit again. If you don’t completely understand that concept then I want you to read it over a few times until you do.

Got it now? Ready? Let’s move on…

Let’s now break down our example scenario above: YOU were talking to her for an hour (we’ll say for the purposes of this example), YOU had built up all of that charisma, wit and intrigue, but, in 2 seconds your idiot ‘friend’ came in and blew the whole thing for YOU. How is that possible? Because while you had done EVERYTHING right (except for your selection of friends), he came over and acted like a complete moron. She previously thought that you were a cool, fun and interesting guy (who would only hang out with other cool, fun and interesting people), until a complete moron came over and destroyed all of that by his mere ASSOCIATION with you. She’s now thinking “WTF, any guy that cool wouldn’t hang out with THAT guy, so he must not be cool at all, and therefore he was just bullshitting me the whole time!”

huge boobs small bikini So by your simple association with THAT OTHER GUY, your image got dragged down, as you had created a fake character that she was talking to. It’s a bit like the old saying ‘Actions speak louder then words.’ – If you were really genuine, you just WOULD NOT hang out with THAT guy. But, even though you SEEMED to be a cool and interesting guy, 2 seconds of FACT (the fact that you’re actually friends with such a tool) just killed it.

Here’s the tricky thing: If you have friends that cause this to happen, you have to really look (and I mean look hard) at your current friends. Are they just kind of dorky, or are they INTENTIONALLY doing this. No one can say for sure but you, but a good rule of thumb is that if you see this happening on 2 or more occasions then they might be intentionally fucking up your game.

I’ve personally had this happen in my life. As one example, I had a friend who was a well meaning geek that I would go out with. He would NEVER interrupt a conversation that I was in, and I consistently got laid on nights that I was out with him. I also had a more ‘friend of a friend’ who had always failed out with girls  – which I ended up taking home (Nothing malicious here, I wasn’t stealing chicks that he was into, it’s just that they were into me and not him – go figure).

One night I had positioned myself perfectly next to an amazingly gorgeous girl, we started talking and she was (no exaggeration here) REALLY into me. We had been talking for about a half hour and it was almost, “Yeah, you should come back to my place and I’ll throw on that CD I was telling you about” time.

In barges the ‘friend of a friend’ and the rest of the scenario played out almost exactly as in our example above. I was so pissed, she was gorgeous and Australian (‘My first Australian!’ – I thought) – until this fuckhole ruined it all.

So, how did I remedy the situation going into the future? That asshole, who I know did it on purpose (because he couldn’t get laid in a cow pen), was shut the f*ck out of my life immediately. Which brings us to the next VERY IMPORTANT part of this:

The Pre-Emptive Strike gorgeous British chick with huge boobs

OK, so I wasn’t going to talk to or hang out with that douche anymore. Problem solved? Not quite yet…

You see, that night that it had all went down, he wasn’t actually out ‘with us’. He knew me, and our mutual group of friends. So, he came into the picture when he saw my dorky friend at one side of the club. My friend pointed out that: “Hey, check it out, he’s about to totally bag that super hot chick! How does he do it?”.

To which that asshole came over and.. well you get it by now.

So now that I knew that it WAS intentional, and that this guy would probably try the same thing in the future, I devised the method to put an end to his sabotage before it could begin.

Take note kids, If you think this might apply to you with someone that YOU know, commit this idea to memory:

The next time (and every other time since then) that I see him enter a club that I’m in (while I’m chatting up the hottest girl there, of course), I IMMEDIATELY drop something like this into the conversation:

Me: “Ugh.”

Her: “What?”

Me: “That guy (pointing), total asshole. He knows some guy that I BARELY know, and now he thinks I’m his ‘buddy’. I’ve met him like once, and now this moron keeps coming up to me, following me around, etc.”

Her: “Oh. Yeah, he DOES look like a dork. (laughs)”

This has, I repeat, NEVER FAILED ME. And by that I mean not even one time.

gorgeous friends at the beachWhat I’m doing here is both simple, yet VERY EFFECTIVE.

I’m guessing that this loser will try the same thing twice. By presupposing this, I’m safeguarding myself. If he doesn’t come up and try anything, fine. It was just a simple random comment. One that might even make me look cooler to her anyway.

If he does, I’ve already explained that he’s a loser (therefore telling her ahead of time, she now KNOWS that I DON’T like him at all). I’ve also conveyed that I BARELY know him (i.e. We’re NOT friends, so don’t ASSOCIATE me with that loser).

After the very first time I did this (Literally, the next time that I saw him), he did come up, try to be an ass, and the girl that I was with just looked at him and made a face like ‘Fuck off, will you?!’, and then gave ME a look like ‘Ha ha, you’re right, what tool!’. I kept in character as if I barely knew him, which wasn’t far from the truth (without actually saying much to him). He walked away flustered and confused.

This was the same for the next few times that I saw him out. But on later occasions, by the time that he came over, the girls that I was with at the time (all of these different girls – if you don’t already know me), were totally disgusted by him, BEFORE he even approached. I didn’t change what I said about him much, if at all. It was just that my subconscious had gotten so good at integrating this technique AUTOMATICALLY (As I have TAUGHT YOU in the course), that it became more and more believable to EVERY girl that I told it to.

cute nerdy girl at the clubAnd in case you were wondering, that guy is now REALLY out of my life. As, after about the third or fourth time he tried to fuck up my game, he hasn’t tried it again since. My guess is that it’s because he’s too embarrassed and humiliated by so many girls INSTANTLY treating him like the total douche that he actually is. I do still see him out from time to time. But now, he doesn’t EVER approach me.

Oh, and if you were wondering: I did get my first Australian chick. That was a while ago (as was this story). No, it wasn’t the same girl from that first night, But at least now I can’t honestly tell you how many Australian girls I’ve been with. And the first one for me was practically a Kama Sutra expert, so in the end, I like to think that it was all worth it… Who am I kidding, Of Course It Was.

No matter what obstacle life puts in the way of YOU getting hot girls, Turn It Around and make it an ADVANTAGE.

Good Luck and Get Laid,


P.S. Would you like to know how to use Neuro-Hypnotic Triggers and Extreme Psychology to make women crazy about you (While they think that it was THEIR own choice in the first place)? WARNING: Don’t Read This if you are someone that will be morally offended!

I am now going to freely give you, my dear readers, something that will greatly affect your seducing, talking to and going home with women of all ages, races, social and cultural backgrounds. Excited? Good. I’m simply throwing this out there, but my members will know how to truly Put this into play, with devastating effectiveness.

Are you ready for a crash course on getting into the human psyche (and HER panties)? Read On…

The more you learn about psychology and social dynamics, the better off you are. I’m not just talking about getting laid here, I’m talking about the total and full picture of social relations. This applies to your ability at sales, friendships, meeting new people, family interactions, and much more.

Basically, people tend to go to a simple idea in order to decide how to either act or re-act to a situation. This is something that’s very deeply buried in all of us, and if you know how, you can easily trigger these very deep, comfortable reactions. Think of this example:

If I were to ask you to think of something in your own childhood, for example, I gave you a common first name and told you without thinking about it to just give me the first IMAGE that popped into your mind, I would have an easy ‘go to’ in terms of manipulating you. As a personal example, if you asked me to think of the name ‘George’ and what the first image that came into my mind was, I would tell you that it was George Washington, which I obviously learned at a very early age.

That might sound meaningless, however, if I were to, for example use the term ‘George’ as a covert phrase in normal conversation two hours later in the evening, while referencing it to myself. You would unconsciously and instinctively attribute those fundamental ideas of trust and honesty (‘I can’t tell a lie, I pissed on that cherry tree!’) to me. So, what just happened?

Your unconscious and subliminal mind attributed all of those ‘trustworthy’ qualities to me. Think it’s bullshit? Try this on yourself, If I ask you NOW what’s the first and most profound mental image of a childhood toy that you have, go on, think about it…

If it was a Teddy Bear or other stuffed animal of some kind, I’m guessing that he (or she) had a name. What was that name? Go On, really think about it…

If you can fully recall this simple, yet powerful deeply implanted trigger, you will NOW know that we all are capable of falling victim to this already pre-anchored trigger in our own minds. Now listen to me for a moment…

I would honestly guess that around 90% of people that were brought up in average to nice homes as children have a very fond, sincere and clear memory of a childhood friend, confidant or otherwise well trusted doll, toy or teddy. This is something that’s both culturally as well as instinctively engrained in us all at a very young age. It’s also something that’s both easily recalled (when we consciously try to remember it) and very powerful.

Early childhood memories call up those unconscious feeling of love, trust, respect, etc. that can be ‘passed on’ to anyone you like (for example, YOU), that is, If you know how to do it. This is quite brilliant, as it both bypasses the conscious mind’s judgment, and also has a very powerful effect of almost instantly creating feelings of trust, openness and suggestibility in b your target. b

Let me digress for a moment. Often times, one of the most difficult aspects of seducing a women whom you’ve just met is gaining trust. You might be in the perfect place, with the perfect atmosphere, having a great time, and you’ve almost perfectly ignited all of her feelings of ‘This guy is so awesome, it’s like it was just meant to be, I wanna take him home NOW, but a (very strong) part of her mind kicks in and says ‘Yeah, I know everything’s going great, and he’s like a dream, out of a chick flick, but… I JUST met this guy about an hour ago, he could be a complete psycho!’

This happens way more often in seduction then most guys (consciously) realize! So, what’s the problem then? Even though you’ve played every single other part of the scenario perfectly, her TRUST is not there. And while all of the other factors are important (some of them VERY important) and even though you’ve nailed them, without the trust, you’re screwed.

It’s actually kinda simple if you think about it. As guys, we don’t worry as much about those types of things as we could (or maybe should). Obviously, if you thought that a girl was a complete nut that was going to trash your place or whatever, you’d tell her to f*ck off. But, women have it much differently.

After thousands of years of evolution, our (Men and Women’s) brains have learned VERY different things…

Let’s say that you thought that a chick was ‘kinda nutty’, but f*ck it, she’s hot and ready to go back to my place NOW! At the same time, you are unconsciously aware of the logical facts that:

1 – I am a man and she’s (probably) smaller then me, so I could easily stop and / or restrain her if she were to flip out for some reason.

2 – I’m a man and she’s probably not trying to rape me, and I feel completely safe.

3 – If for some reason she did flip out, I would grab my phone and call the cops and all would be well.

And the most common:

4 – “Fuck yeah, Pussy!” (With no actual cognitive thought about any of the above factors)

If you were a woman however, you would probably see things quite differently. Here’s just a few of her thoughts after meeting that ‘amazing’ guy:

1 - I know I’m smart and have that 6 months of Judo classes under my belt, but this guy might be a total and complete nut!

2 – I’ve PERSONALLY heard of my own friends being assaulted (or nearly that) by some asshole that they had just met (or even had known for a while), how do I know that I can trust this guy?

Again, the most common:

3 – I don’t have a male, knee jerk reaction to sex and I really don’t know this dude. (So I’m not as overwhelmed to put myself in any potential danger to hook up with this guy).

A Side Note: Have you ever observed that when girls ‘randomly’ decide to hook up and have ‘no strings’ sex, it’s often with an ex or someone that they’ve been with sexually before and not a stranger? I.E. Someone that they ALREADY feel comfortable with? I will cover this in more detail later so subscribe to our feed!

Now you should have quite a clear idea of why TRUST is so much more important to women vs. men. You can argue this fact (to your own futility, and subsequent ‘blue balls’), or simply accept it, and learn how to counter act it. The choice is yours…

What I’m really giving you all here is an insight, and not only a factual, reality based one, but also a deep psychological motivation that we ALL have, male or female. And if you think that you don’t, please allow me to give you a quite carefully developed pitch that I’ve just written to sell you a wonderful bridge which features beautiful, and quite stunning, golden gates.

Adapt or die, boys. TRUST = Results. Ignorance (The refusal to believe factual knowledge) = Loneliness. I’ll now leave you all, while you’re sitting, reading this NOW on your computer screens with this parting thought:

“Ignoring knowledge is sickness.” – Lao Tzu,
Tao Te Ching

Good Luck and Get Laid,


P.S. Would you like to know how to use Neuro-Hypnotic Triggers and Extreme Psychology to make women crazy about you (While they think that it was THEIR own choice in the first place)? WARNING: Don’t Read This if you are someone that will be morally offended!

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