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From: Peter Paphitis

Would You Like To KNOW How To FORCE Women To Be Crazy About You? While THEY Think That It's THEIR Own Idea? WARNING: Don’t Read This If You Are Someone That's Easily Morally Offended!


Are you Going out to bars hoping to get “lucky”, or that this will be “the night” - only to be bored, shut down or to be riddled with the fear of approaching women, and end up spanking off to internet porn? Does This Sound familiar? That was my life, every weekend - until I was in my late 30’s!

Most men just say "All women are crazy" or "Can't live with them, can't live without them", and they all end up the same way. Either they turn into those old creepy guys that couldn't get laid in a morgue, or they end up emasculated, growing old in a crappy marriage that they hate for the rest of their lives.

Rather then that, wouldn't you want to learn how to psychologically push women's buttons whenever you like, and either have several casual girlfriends or possess the level of attraction needed to land the one you really want?

I know you’re thinking, "How can you be getting more hot, young women being in your late 30’s?!"

Because it took years for myself and my friend (a noted psychologist) to perfect this breakthrough system. Since then, I’ve went out of my way to teach my personal discovery to my friends who are fat, bald, old and poor. Including my friend Kevin who’s 28 and lives in his parents basement - And we get beautiful women, night after night - with my Deep Psychological Triggers. Oh, and I should also tell you that we all prefer hot girls under 25... and they’re the only ones that we even bother with.

Before that, girls just laughed at me. As if I was some pathetic little worm that wasn’t “deserving” of their time, being the perfect little princesses that they thought they were.

Some girls will smell the tiniest bit of insecurity or nervousness and reject you. Some try to test guys by busting your balls. Some are just downright mean. We've all been blow off, rejected or led on at some point. Look, I understand, and really, it's not your fault.

There are some girls (that I've slept with) that have even admitted to me that they go out on the weekends just to blow off or put down guys with their friends, and then laugh about it together. They would actually make eyes at guys to make them think that they were interested, then they'd act totally rude, insult him or blow him off when he tried to talk to them. Sound familiar?

Those girls did it just to feel a sense of power. Sure they were pathetic sadists and completely shallow, but there's something else that you should know about them, they were all gorgeous (I'm talking perfect 10's). And I've slept with 3 out of 5 of that particular group.

But it wasn't always like that. I Was Just Like You, going out, trying different 'gimmicks' or tricks that never really worked, Until One Day...

Something happened that Literally Changed My Life: My old college buddy was back in town for the weekend, who's now the head of the Psychology Dept at a Major University. He casually mentioned something about behavioral psychology and influencing peoples beliefs and desires...

Then it clicked in my head - Why couldn’t that be applied to Women?!

So I started on my own research and implementing twists on these psychological triggers, constantly emailing my friend back and forth with the results - and adding his new suggestions into my “game“. After 4 long years, our little “secret project” was finally perfected, and it has now become devastatingly effective.

I was now meeting and having sex with gorgeous young girls every night. I could stroll into a any club, and have any woman I wanted leave with me, in only a few minutes. Just See Yourself Walking Into A Club Knowing That You'll Be Leaving With The Hottest Girl There. Think about how it will feel to do this night after night. Think about how every other guy's jaw will drop with envy when they see you leaving with beautiful women, night after night!

In a matter of weeks, my sex life turned around completely. I went from being treated like sh*t - to having hot, young girls Approaching Me... and then practically begging to take me home for X-rated sex!

And I’m not joking.

And it became so easy, I was honestly shocked at how simple it was to control their thought processes and totally mess with their minds.

And the amazing thing was, I still lived in my crappy little apartment, drove my junk car, and had no money.

All I did was use my new “underground” psychological methods that my friend and I had perfected. It wasn’t difficult and really, anyone can do it. That is because these psychological techniques were developed from powerful and proven brain functions that all women have. All women, regardless of age, race, income, or any other factor have these deep psychological "buttons".

The things that I'm going to be teaching you are a combination of Neuro-Hypnotic Triggers and Extreme Psychology. These are things that are deeply embedded in the brain itself. They actually work in all of us, male or female. I'm simply going to be giving you the exact system of leading the human female mind to go along with whatever it is that you desire, by using techniques that she's learned to reason with since birth.

Because of that, it doesn’t matter if you're fat, bald, old, poor or even if you think that you’re butt ugly…

Whatever you think your problem is, These Methods Will Still Work For YOU.

I'm no longer lonely, bored, or horny and unfulfilled. My life is way different now.

These Days I spend my nights in bed with new, hot women - and spend my days teaching other guys…

The Secret of Attracting Gorgeous Women To You… Without Ever Having To Approach Them.

I used to HATE approaching women. Having to walk up to a complete stranger and try to chat them up, and then if you don't say exactly the right thing, she blows you off like it's your fault! Honestly, why waste your time?! Now, I use their subconscious against them, and when this is combined with proven psychology, they are constantly approaching and starting conversations with me.

I'm going to teach you everything: Where to position yourself in a room, what exactly to do, and precisely how to respond to her when she does come over and starts talking to you.

The best part is, once you have my secrets, all of the 'work' of meeting and seducing women is done for you, automatically. You just apply the simple techniques that you've learned and begin to literally draw women hornier then hell for you - into your life! I can say from experience...

Your friends will be kicking themselves when they see how many hot women you are pulling in night after night with my system!

By the way, this isn’t some “magick” or occult garbage. My techniques are all based upon the same highly effective psychological methods that huge corporations have used for years to get rich beyond belief. They’ll work for anyone, anywhere. Seriously, It really doesn‘t matter how bad you think your dating situation is right now, you will start getting more women then you ever thought possible before.

Recently, I packaged all my secrets into a program I call Underground Seduction. This is not some crappy ebook! This is my complete, training system consisting of Audio, Video, Written Training, One on One Support and more…

It’s the no risk, never fail blueprint on how to attract an endless flow of hot, horny and ready for sex women to you - without you ever having to play THEIR games or deal with rejection again.


Most ebooks and courses on seduction were written years ago and are full of outdated (and ridiculous) junk! Plus, You’ll never even know if the theories in those guides work, until you try them for yourself. If you’ve purchased one of those guides that didn’t work, I guess I don’t need to tell you why they suck!

If this is your first time looking to gain an ‘edge’ over all the other guys out there - let me just inform you that dating has changed SO much in the past couple of years, never mind the past five or ten years.

Go Ahead, Take A Peek Under The Hood:

Here’s just a quick peek of what you will learn...

  • 3 Dirty Tricks you can use this weekend that will have girls jumping through hoops to try to attract you, even if they’re married or in a relationship

  • Why you should never take any advice on women, from a woman! (This is what they don‘t want you to know)

  • My simple 7 step system that will get you from saying “hi” to a girl, to having sex with her - the same night!

  • My under the radar psychological triggers that effortlessly get women to want to rip your clothes off, then and there. (WARNING: You must agree to use these for legal purposes only - Read the disclaimer when You Order)

  • How to know when, and only when, to approach a woman, and never get rejected again.

  • My dirty little tricks that practically guarantee that you’ll get sex from a first date.

  • How to use psychology to literally get girls wet for you on the spot, no matter where you are.

  • The Secret “Brain Reverse” Technique that will turn a rude bitch into a schoolgirl gushing over you.

  • How to easily change your appearance to women, as soon as tonight - that will skyrocket your level of attractiveness to girls.

  • My method that’ll have women that blew you off in the past, begging shamelessly for your number.

  • What you’re probably doing right now that makes women want to treat you like crap and blow you off (Skip this at your own peril!)

  • How to move her from first kiss to your bedroom (and why if you don‘t do this right, she‘ll be saying “we gotta stop.”)

  • Simple Body Language changes you should make tonight, that’ll have the hottest women shamelessly flirting with you.

  • The 2 simple psychological questions to ask any girl, that will tell you right now if she’s wants to have sex with you.

  • The “secret words” that will hypnotically get a girl to trust and become comfortable with you in under 5 minutes.

  • How you are unknowingly killing the attraction that women feel for you (Almost ALL guys do this - and you can stop it instantly!)

And check this out…

The methods that my friend and I created have since become something of a legend across the club scene, and revered and debated on at many a frat party. To such an extent that both single guys and married men seek me out for up close and personal, one on one training in my system.

I do work with them… for $100 per chat session or $30 per email consultation.

But when you start your training in Underground Seduction today, I’m going to give you private consultation - Absolutely Free.

That’s a $700 Value... At Absolutely No Cost To You!

So what’s the catch? Well it’s twofold:

For one, because I don’t want these secrets getting into every guy’s hands - I’m limiting the membership (to give my members and ‘edge’ over the other millions of guys on the planet).

And, because all of the private training from me is at my expense...

I’ll be privately training you to go out and attract, meet, and have sex with beautiful women, consistently. And it’ll all be strictly confidential. Nothing is sent to your home and you will be billed by “clickbank” for your privacy. We’ll work with your needs and your specific situation.

For that reason, I have to limit this to first come, first served. I’ve limited this offer to a certain number of members, after which time this information will be for those members only. If you want the feeling of knowing that you both can and will get gorgeous women, whenever and wherever you want - Join Us Now before all the membership spots are full. Once all of the member spots are taken, you will lose your chance to learn these incredible methods forever.

Plus, You’ll Also Receive At No Additional Cost...

Exclusive Access to our Members Only Seduction Forum

This is where both myself and other guys who now know these secrets get together to discuss exactly how to use them, improve them and have even more success with women. And, We’re here to help you out along your journey to becoming a master seducer.

Our Seduction Resources Directory

These are our closely guarded, top secret sources for all things related to seduction and picking up girls. In order to keep this information truly secret for our members, I’m not going to say any more - you’ve got to Join Us and find out for yourself what's in here. (HINT: You won't be disappointed)

My Guide To Online Seduction

After lots of guys asked, I've created my own personal guide for applying my system to online dating sites... How to get women dripping wet and begging to meet you, after only a few minutes of chatting online.

Our Sale Is On!

If you've visited this website before, then you probably know that I normally charge $49.95 for my complete system with all of the bonuses mentioned above. But recently my accountant found a way to shave almost 30% off my internet overhead this month - And I'm passing the savings on to you!

Through this website, you can receive everything I’ve described in this superb package... The Complete Underground Seduction Program, Full Access to Our Member’s Area, Our Exclusive Member Resources, The Guide to Online Dating, and many more Unadvertised Bonuses, all Valued At Over $700 that will Make You one of the few, Envied Master Seducers…

For your small investment of just $19.99

Look, by now I know you're smart if you're still reading this, because you can see the difference between a unique system backed by scientific proof - vs. all of the other so called "seduction" garbage out there. And, when the cost is less then a decent pizza, it's an easy decision...

And You Can Check It All Out For FREE, If You Want To...

That’s because everything is covered by my personal unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 60-day money back guarantee.

Ordering Is Discreet and Confidential

You can place your order without the slightest bit of apprehension or embarrassment... and... your personal information will never be revealed to any outside parties. Everything is completely confidential.

AND THE BEST PART: You can have all of this material just minutes from now! Immediately after you place your secure order, you’ll be granted access to a special page where you can get your hands on all of this material right away, in the privacy of your own home... even if it’s 3:00 in the morning!

You won’t have to pay any lame shipping and handling fees, and... you won’t have to wait weeks for it to arrive in the mail.

You’ll have everything I’ve listed in this package, and more... in just minutes!

So When You Wake Up This Sunday Morning Will You Look Back On The Weekend and Say To Yourself “I Wish I Had” or “I’m Glad I Did”?

You can spend next weekend like you have all the previous weeks: alone, hoping that some beautiful girl is going to show up out of nowhere and be begging to take you home (only to end up feeling even more like crap on Sunday, because it never happens)...

Or you can start right now (I mean as soon as tonight) enjoying the excitement and pleasure of having beautiful, hot and horny girls automatically drawn to you like a magnet... without ever having to chase them down or ever being rejected again. Think about how it will feel when you are taking home the hottest women, every night you go out…

There’s no-risk here guys. So why not give it a try while it’s still fresh on your mind? I look forward to hearing from you about your remarkable results.


Peter Paphitis

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    asked. I don’t even need to give a reason.

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